A Heartfelt Gesture Changes Hard Feelings in the Apple 2023 Stop Motion Holiday Ad ‘Fuzzy Feelings’

The 2023 Apple holiday ad “Fuzzy Feelings”, which weaves together a combination of stop motion animation and live action, tells the story of an office worker who is frustrated with the actions of her seemingly Scrooge-like boss, much in the vein of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

To deal with her frustration in her off hours, she sets up embarrassing stop motion animation situations that ensure he is always in the wrong. When the boss awkwardly gives her a handmade Christmas gift in real life, she suddenly sees him as a lonely person who needs a friend.

Creativity has the power to change the way we see each other, and the world. Sometimes, seeing things through a new lens can make all the difference.

Apple Fuzzy Feelings

The ad is beautifully set to the George Harrison song “Isn’t It a Pity”, which is all about seeing the humanity in others.

Some things take so long
But how do I explain
When not too many people
Can see we’re all the same
And because of all their tears
Their eyes can’t hope to see
The beauty that surrounds them
Isn’t it a pity

Animation director Anna Mantzaris explained how the stop motion portion was filmed using an iPhone 15 Pro Max and edited on a MacBook Air.

Shrunken snowplow. Minuscule suit buttons. Tiny irons. A whole lot of heart. Here’s how iPhone 15 Pro Max captured every stop-motion surprise in the holiday short film from Apple.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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