Futuristic MYO Armband Lets You Control Your Computer With Gestures


The MYO armband by Thalmic Labs allows users to control their electronic devices using simple hand and arm gestures. The one-size-fits-all bracelet uses six-axis and muscle activity sensors to track arm movement, and connects to Windows and OS X machines using Bluetooth 4.0. In their demonstration video, a man turns on music with a snap of his fingers and increases the volume by rotating his forearm. He also plays a video game and even pilots a Parrot AR Drone with Star Wars-like ability using the futuristic accessory.

The MYO currently only supports Windows and Mac OS, but Thalmic Labs promises that APIs for iOS and Android will soon be available to developers. Black and white versions of the MYO are available for pre-order now.


video via Thalmic Labs

via New Scientist, Medgadget

Kimber Streams
Kimber Streams