Attaching a Furby to a Modular Synthesizer

Sam Battle of the maker channel LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, who builds and plays unusual instruments, took one of his beloved Furbys, put it into a clear case, and attached it into his modular synthesizer.

Furbys you either love them or you love them to the point of modification and torture. I’m in the latter camp and there was always a project i wanted to do with a Furby that I never got around to … I best not be hasty and introduce you to subject 44b. That’s right this Furby has taken residence inside my modular synthesizer. 

He wired the Furby, known as Subject 44b, to the board using a bit of direct circuitry, allowing him to control the Furby with a variety of switches.

The Furby is controlled by these switches over here. There’s a glitch switch, a loop switch, there’s one that rubs its belly, there’s one that feeds it, and then another one that turns it well…makes it think it’s going upside down.

Furby Synthesizer