Fujisan, A Warm Molten Lava Cake Created With a Chocolate Candle


Designer Stéphane Bureaux created Fujisan for the chocolate tradeshow, Salon Professionnel du Chocolat. It’s a decadent warm lava cake that is created by melting a chocolate candle in the center of the cake.

FUJISAN plays with 2 inescapable elements of birthdays: the candle and the chocolate cake. The idea is to revisit the “fondant au chocolat” by using the candle to obtain the warm heart of the cake. Planted in the biscuit, the chocolate candle melts little by little it and fills the “crater” of the cake. So, the time of a song, the fondant gets ready under our eyes.





via dessert girl

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff