‘Frequencies’, A 45-Minute Documentary About the Music Creation Process for the Video Game ‘League of Legends’

Frequencies is a 45-minute documentary by Riot Games about the music creation process for their popular video game, League of Legends. Director Caleb Slain specifically looks at the variety of musical projects the developer has undertaken, like The Curse of the Sad Mummy and The Music of League of Legends, Volume 1.

Music and games share an intertwined history stretching back to neon-soaked arcades and dusty living rooms crowded with tangles of twisting plastic controller cords. From chiptune scores to the sweeping symphonies of expansive fantasy worlds,the relationship shared between games and music simultaneously elevates both art forms. Frequencies is a behind-the-scenes look at that harmony at Riot; the moment when creativity, collaboration, and passion collide to forge and reinforce story through music.