Free the Network, A Secure Private Network for Occupy Protestors

Free the Network by the Free Network Foundation is a project to build a secure, private network to connect the various occupy protest groups to one another and to the Internet. Prototype “FreedomTowers” have already been installed at Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Austin to provide Internet access to protestors (FNF co-founder Isaac Wilder discusses the FreedomTower installation at Occupy Wall Street in this video by The Top Vlog). The Free Network Foundation is raising funds on Indiegogo to build the infrastructure for the Free the Network project.

The project is part of a broader initiative by the Free Network Foundation to build a community-owned global network independent of government or corporate oversight.

Make no mistake – our civil liberties, especially as they pertain to digital communications, are being quickly eroded. There are countless examples in recent days, of governments and corporations that have taken it upon themself to police and regulate the transmission of data on political grounds. From the Great Firewall of China, to the Egyptian blackout of the network, to Bay Area Rapid Tranit’s cellular shutdown, to the silent and insidious use of Deep Packet Inspection that is practiced in secret by many of our Internet Service Providers – the signs of erosion are all around us. We have only to take heed.

via Betabeat

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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