Freddy the Great Dane, Possibly the Largest Dog In Great Britain and Contender for World’s Largest Dog

Freddy is a massive eighteen-month old great dane who eats over $120 worth of food per week and can only be walked at times when there aren’t any other dogs around, according to his human, Clare Stoneman.

She even gets up in the small hours for his daily 40-minute walk – so they won’t meet other dogs who might be intimidated by him. ‘If he wants to run after a dog I wouldn’t be able to stop him,’ said Miss Stoneman, who is 5ft 4in tall.

Freddie, who has grown to 41 inches measured from his paws to withers (between shoulder blades), is only three inches away from the current record for the world’s tallest dog. The record is currently held by a Michigan great dane named Zeus, who stands at 44 inches from paws to withers. But at eighteen months, Freddie may have a bit more growing to do before reaching his full height and when he does, perhaps that record will be his for the taking.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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