Franken-Burrito, Creating The Ultimate San Francisco Mission Burrito

The Daily reporter Justin Rocket Silverman traveled to San Francisco’s Mission district to learn about the infamous Mission-style burrito. Then, taking 7 top burritos, he and Eater SF Editor Carolyn Alburger made a “custom veggie super burrito blend” resulting in the ultimate San Francisco burrito.

Who makes the very best SF burrito is fiercely debated and any answer invites controversy. Instead of joining the debate, The Daily endeavored to ascend new heights of cylindrical glory. We started with a veggie super-burrito from seven top local purveyors, and then, like Dr. Frankenstein high on freshly chopped cilantro, combined a heaping scoop from each burrito into a fresh tortilla. The result was a thing of rare beauty, a flavor as close to perfection and any burrito ever dared to dream.

Last time we checked in with Justin he was outhouse racing at the Iowa State Fair for his show, Rocket Across America.