Artist Visually Repairs Broken Plates With Pen and Ink

For his “Fragmented” series, artist Rob Strati visually repairs broken plates by connecting the fragments and expanding the pictorial designs with pen and ink, restoring not only the composition of the ceramic china but, in some cases, the sentimentality behind the object itself. Strati got the idea for this when a plate that belonged to his late mother-in-law broke beyond repair, but love for the item remained.

At the end of 2020 a plate from the artist’s wife’s late mother broke and sat on Strati’s kitchen island for several months. Unsure what to do with something that had sentimental value, but was beyond repair, it stayed on the island…With time Strati started to think about the kinds of stories contained in such an object, which could be told through the plate’s surviving fragments. They made their way into his studio and onto a blank sheet of paper.

Some of Strati’s work is available for purchase as original prints and animated NFTs on Foundation.

via My Modern Met