Fluffy Fox Laughs Loudly While Being Tickled

A beautiful rescued fox named Dixie, sibling to Finnegan the Fox, adorably laughed out loud while her human Mikayla Raines of SaveAFox Rescue was tickling her. As her furry little chin was being rubbed, the fluffy vulpine let out several “ha ha has” that sounded very much like a child’s laughter.

Dixie Fox Laughs Aloud While Being Tickled

Dixie’s laugh has gotten so popular that Raines has made a plush doll of Dixie with a recording of her happy noises. Sales benefit SaveAFox Rescue.

You can now get your own Dixie plushie with sound of THIS Dixie laugh! Limited quantity available in SAVEAFOX shop now! All profits go to SAVEAFOX. A non-profit organization that takes in captive born foxes from furfarms and the exotic pet trade.

Dixie Plush Laughing Fox

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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