Four Year Old Superhero Uses His Allowance to Help Feed the Homeless in Birmingham, Alabama

Four year old Austin Perine is a truly impressive and unstoppable force of nature. Not only is he a champion wrestler and a Presidential hopeful, but once a week Austin (aka President Austin) puts on a cape and turns into a superhero in order give back to his Birmingham, Alabama community. Perine spends his allowance and any other extra money he has to help give food to as many homeless people as he can, while sharing a message of love for all.

Austin’s interest in feeding the homeless began after watching Animal Planet, after a mother panda left her cubs and learning from his father that they would be homeless. Austin then discovered that there were homeless people. This launched a series of projects called “Show Love” in which Austin feeds the homeless on the streets and reminds them to show love to someone else.

President Austin shared his mission with Steve Hartman of CBS Sunday Morning.

President Austin and his father T.J. have also started the “Show Love” Foundation to further help those who truly need it. They are also raising money through GoFundMe in order to fight hunger in Alabama and beyond.

http://Austin’s show love project is a nonprofit movement that will involve traveling and fighting hunger and establishing a facility that will help with food, toiletries, drug rehabilitation and shelter integration. The nonprofit oranization is called the Show Love foundation. Austin and I will lead the getting the facility established as we will withdraw funds as once a week with documentation on how it is being spent. As you know, Austin is only 4 so I will be handling your pledges with care to ensure that they are put to use efficiently and effectively

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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