Food Labels Revealed, A Fascinating Podcast About What Really Goes Into Processed Food

Food Labels Revealed

Food Labels Revealed is a fascinating podcast that takes a deep dive into the readily available processed foods, what consumers expect from them and what unexpected surprises await within each bite. Produced by chemistry educator and analytical chemist Mel Weinstein, the podcast provides really useful information in revealing what exactly goes into processed foods and how these ingredients can be avoided. Some of the foods Weinstein has addressed are potato chips, chocolate, ice cream, artificial toppings, frozen pizza, infant formula, and wine. The podcast is available through iTunes and on Podbean.

Food Labels Revealed will shed some light onto the sometimes mysterious and inscrutable food ingredients label, which is found on all processed food containers. What are all those chemicals in our packaged foods? Why are they there? Can they be harmful to our health? Think of this podcast as a little mini-course in food science.

“If you want to eat well and keep yourself healthy, eat food mainly from natural plants, not manufacturing plants.”