Fly In A Bottle, A Documentary About Avant-Garde Jazz Trio Medeski Martin and Wood

“Fly In A Bottle”, a documentary about the avant-garde jazz trio Medeski Martin and Wood directed by their drummer Billy Martin, is scheduled for release on November 24th as part of the Radiolarians: The Evolutionary Set, now available for pre-order.

As an amazing finale to the entire box set, Billy Martin directed the first feature film in Medeski Martin & Wood’s history entitled Fly in a Bottle. Tirelessly working through footage of MMW in the studio and on the road, the film provides an extremely intimate portrait of the band. It highlights the trio’s intricate relationships with each other and with the music they have worked to create over their past 19 years as a band.

Radiolarians: The Evolutionary Set

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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