Fluff-Based Candy Kitten Crap Made by Brady Bunch’s Susan Olsen

Candy Kitten Crap

photo by Susan Olsen

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Fluff and last year I befriended someone who is as equally into Fluff as I am, the charming Susan Olsen (“Cindy Brady” of The Brady Bunch). We bonded over our love of Fluff and last fall, we both traveled to the What the Fluff? Festival in Somerville, Massachusetts where Susan, an artist, sold prints of her Fluff Art. She is also a strong advocate for animal welfare and works with Precious Paws, a nonprofit animal rescue organization in Encino, Calfornia.

If you are in the Los Angeles (Burbank) area tonight, Friday May 11, 2012, there is a fundraising event called A Night With Susan Olsen & Her Art at Theresa’s Family Restaurant. Susan (who has a delightfully quirky sense of humor) will be selling her artwork and handmade Candy Kitten Crap (made with Fluff, of course) to benefit Precious Paws.

A Night with Susan Olsen & Her Art


Cattyland by Susan Olsen, 2012

Susan Olsen

photo by Rusty Blazenhoff

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff