First Round Capital Portfolio Companies Perform Industry Specific Parodies of Popular Songs

Venture capital firm First Round Capital presents “This Time It’s Different”, their annual holiday video featuring their portfolio companies performing industry specific parodies of popular songs from the last year, such as “Uptown Funk” and “Hotline Bling.” In 2014 their startups sang “All About Burn Rate“.

The holidays are here, and our community is ready
To share some cheer, even though markets are unsteady.

We surprised them at their offices for our annual rendezvous,
And First Round founders sang and danced like they always do.

Their teams all seem bigger, so much growth this year —
Lots for us to celebrate as a 10-year seed-stage pioneer.

When First Round’s got your back, no need to fear a market swing.
Founders call us first — they make the hotline bling.

So ignore those Fidelity mark downs — there’s no bubble here.
Just enjoy the show and the season, and have a happy New Year!