Firefighters Use Oxygen to Revive a Family of Hamsters Who Had Been Rescued from a Mobile Home Fire

Firefighters Save Family of Hamsters

Firefighters revive a family of hamsters with an oxygen tank adapted for tiny animals after they were rescued from a fire that had burned through a mobile home in Lacey, Washington. The Lacey Fire Department has determined that the fire was caused by an unattended clothes dryer.

They grabbed the five rodents — later identified as Oreo, Madonna and three unnamed babies — and brought them outside to safety.Using the knowledge gleaned from their “pet emergency pocket guides,” firefighters treated the injured hamsters with oxygen and other first aid equipment. Tim Hulse with the Lacey Fire Department said the team was able to save all but one of the hamsters. – KOMONews

via KOMONews, Nothing To Do With Arbroath