Filmmakers Flatten the Hills of Paris by Simply Adjusting Their Camera Viewpoint Angle

Filmmakers Claire&Max, whose work we’ve previously posted, wanted to look at their city a little differently. After a bit of thought they decided to set the viewpoint of their camera at different angles to make the hills of Paris appear to flatten out.

In line with our experimental films, here “Paris – Viewpoint angle” or “Paris, angle” for those angry with the language of Benny Hill. What do our slopes look like when we straighten them? We filmed the steepest streets of Paris with an unusual angle, canceling the slope effect. The film that may seem strange because our brains are not used to seeing these restated to plans. And even if they have recovered, we always feel that the viewing angle is not right: it’s why we added the bottom line, which is a reminder that straightened axis is always parallel to the plane.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips