Creative Human Paints a Royal Costume for Her Bulldog Around the Fence Hole That He Looks Through

It’s common knowledge that dogs love to peek out of fences to see what’s going on in the world outside, particularly when there are strategically placed holes for their adorable eyes and noses.

This is particularly true for a beautiful English bulldog named Bogart who lives in Gråsten, Denmark with his creative human Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen. Levinson has painted a kingly costume for Bogart around the hole in the fence that he sticks his head through.

According to Levinsen, Bogart’s gotten a big head with his newfound fame, although she’s not sure who originally made him famous.

It is crazy, this video has gone viral in Denmark, and we don’t know, who started sharing it. …I’m afraid it’s going to his head with all the fame, but so far I’m so privileged to be his servant and subject…

via DeMilked