Father of 27 Children on TV Game Show ‘I’ve Got a Secret’ (1959)

Canadian potato farmer Heliodore Cyr (aka “Mr. X”) was a guest on the TV game show “I’ve Got a Secret” three times. In July 1959, his third appearance on the show, he has the blindfolded judges guessing his latest secret: he’s a father again for the 27th time! Watch the fun in this video clip as his secret is revealed. Interestingly, all his children were singletons, no multiple births, and several of his grandchildren (and others who know the family) comment on the video’s YouTube page. Mr. Cyr died in 1986.

“This is my third appearance on ‘I’ve Got a Secret’ … The first time was when my 25th child was born … The second time was when my 26th child was born … We’ve done it again! (The 27th is a boy.)”

Mr. X

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Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff