City Cats Come Out of Hiding for a Private Violin Concert in the Lovely Animation ‘Fantasia dei Gatti’

Fantasia dei Gatti” is a beautiful story by violinist Augustin Hadelich and animated by Tam King, in which a concert violinist (Hadelich) is convinced by a neighborhood cat to play a concert in the streets. Upon hearing the beautiful music, other cats of a city come out of their hiding places in awe of the man playing Paganini Caprice No. 17. The cats begin dancing together despite territorial differences and continue to do so until the musician packs up his violin. As he leaves, the cats start fighting until they realize that the violinist was more like them than they knew.

Augustin Hadelich is a Grammy-winning violinist with a soft spot for curious kitties. The lovable strays Augustin encounters in this animated journey are likewise inspired by his incredible rendition of Paganini caprice no. 17.