‘Everything Is a Remix’ Celebrates Its Five-Year Anniversary With a Remastered Release and New Merchandise

Everything is a Remix

The popular web series Everything Is a Remix by filmmaker Kirby Ferguson is celebrating its five-year anniversary with a remastered release and new merchandise. The new release features unified styling throughout all four parts of the series, remastered audio, and for the first time all four parts of the series are available in a single video.

Through a Kickstarter campaign, Ferguson is selling T-shirts and posters celebrating the series. Besides the merchandise for Everything Is a Remix, supporters can also receive a subscription to Ferguson’s new series This Is Not a Conspiracy Theory, which we have covered previously. Fans can also support Ferguson and his work through his Patreon page.

Everything Is a Remix Tshirt

Copy Transform Combine Tshirt

Copy Transform Combine Poster

images via Everything Is a Remix

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