‘Every X-Man Ever’, A Video Timeline Infographic Detailing Every Mutant Who Joined Professor Xavier’s Team of X-Men

IGN has created “Every X-Man Ever,” a video timeline infographic that details every mutant who joined Professor Xavier‘s team of X-Men. More information about each of the heroic X-Men mutants is available to view on the IGN blog.

Yes, we love the X-Men. Who doesn’t? But there are so many of them… It’s hard to keep track! And that’s one of the reasons we put together this video timeline and infographic (watch it above!) detailing the long and storied membership of Professor Xavier’s merry band of mutants. This was no easy task, as there have been so many offshoots and side teams and kinda-sorta-teams over the course of the X-Men’s 50-plus year history. But we channeled our mutant power of OCD and did our best to nail down a complete membership history of the core X-Men team (in the comics only). Oh, and we’re also including a written version of this feature below for those of you who don’t have video capabilities in your X-Mansion yet…

Every X-Man Ever

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