Brooklyn Roommates Clear Out Their Apartment Once a Month to Host an Entire Orchestra Inside

Apartment Sessions Brooklyn Orchestra

Musician roommates Evan Tyor and Luke McGinnis amazingly clear out their 500 square foot Brooklyn apartment in order to host an entire orchestra inside. To prepare, the two men remove everything from the apartment that has nothing to do with music, including doors, so that the maximum number of musicians can come in and play. These monthly musical meetings have become known as “The Apartment Sessions” and feature musicians from all over the country.

Although it seems unconventional there’s a reason for the madness. We’re trying to change the way that you might see an orchestra play. There is a special dynamic and a feeling in the room that you won’t get in a recording studio or in a public venue. It’s this unique sound and sense of community that is attracting musicians from all over the country to participate.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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