Emotions of Sound, An Interactive Campaign Looking the Emotional Impact of Sound

Baby Crying

British hearing aid company, Amplifon, has launched The Emotions of Sound, an ethereal interactive campaign in which users are asked questions about how certain sounds make them feel. The questions are assisted with associated images awash in bright translucent colors immersing the user in the experience of the sound. After answering each question, the user is told how others have answered the same question in percentages and at the end, the user is asked to share their results on Twitter for a chance to win a pair of Beats by Dre headphones.

While the project is very elegant in its presentation, its inherent purpose is a bit unclear. Perhaps it’s just a very quiet way to remind us of our ability to hear sounds across the emotional spectrum.

Heart Beat

Rain Drops Reaction

Emotion of Sound Results

via Fast Company Co.Design