Embr Wave, An Ingenious Wristband That Automatically Regulates Skin Temperature

Embr Wave Cool

The Embr Wave is an ingenious wristband developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists that automatically regulates skin temperature, like a personal thermostat. This smart device is worn on the inside of the wrist to access the body’s thermoreceptors and can be easily be switched from hot to cool (or vice versa) on the device itself. The Embr Wave also works with a convenient smartphone app, which is available either on iTunes or through Google Play.

Embr Wave senses your skin temperature and uses precisely-engineered algorithms to maximize
the effectiveness of its thermal sensations, which feel similar to the refreshing chill of an ice cube
or the comforting warmth of a hot drink. …The thermoreceptors on your wrist significantly impact your feeling of temperature. So Embr Wave’s scientifically-developed waveforms precisely stimulate your thermoreceptors, leveraging your body’s natural systems to make you feel cooler or warmer by 5 degrees in just a few minutes.

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The device also offers an extended mode.

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