A Relieved Elephant Raises Her Trunk to Thank the Workers Who Rescued Her Baby from a Mud Hole

Elephant Calf Rescue

A tiny baby elephant fell into a deep mudhole in Urulanthanni, Kerala, India and couldn’t escape despite the unsuccessful efforts of the herd. The next day, a group of compassionate workers from the Forest Department tirelessly dug at the hole until the calf was able to break free and rejoin the group. The mother of the calf was so thankful that she raised her trunk several times in gratitude.

This place is near the forest and elephants visit all the time. One day, a small elephant fell down the well. The other elephants tried to rescue their baby the entire night, but they failed. In the morning, the forest department rescued the baby and we could clearly see the mother elephant express her gratitude towards the rescuers.”

Mother Elephant Raising Trunk

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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