Eighth-Grade Students Build a ‘Frozen’ Prosthetic Hand for a Six-Year-Old Fan of the Film

frozen robotic hand 4

A group of eighth-grade students at Deer Creek Intermediate School in St. Francis, Wisconsin built a prosthetic hand with a design inspired by the Disney movie Frozen for a six-year-old girl named Ariah. Frozen is Ariah’s favorite movie, so the students used a color scheme that corresponds with the movie, added snowflakes to the design, and put the words “Queen Ariah” on the hand as well.

The students worked with the FIRST robotics program and E-Nable, an organization that makes prosthetic hands for people who need them.

frozen robotic hand

frozen robotic hand 3

frozen robotic hand 5

frozen robotic hand 2

photos via SFrobotics

via The Huffington Post

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