Eidos, Two Headsets That Grant Enhanced Sight and Hearing

Students Tim Bouckley, Millie Clive-Smith, Mi Eun Kim and Yuta Sugawara at the Royal College of Art in London have created Eidos, a system of sensory augmentation equipment that allows users to enhance their senses of sight and sound. The Eidos headset records video, transfers the images to a computer where they’re processed, and sends them back to the viewer. The result is an effect similar to long-exposure photography, which ideally allows the viewer to more easily identify patterns of movement. The other Eidos headset enhances hearing by neutralizing background noise and allowing the listener to focus in on one particular source of sound. It uses a directional microphone to capture audio, which is processed by a computer and sent back to the listener via three speakers — one headphone for each ear and a bone conduction speaker at the mouth. The group of students predict that Eidos could have uses in sports analysis, performance art, and heathcare.


image via Dezeen

via Dezeen, Mashable