Ecocomics: The Economics of Comic Books

guest post by Burstein!


One of the joys that I have always found in a well constructed comic was not merely the joy of the narrative and art, but also where the story brought my imagination. As a geek with a slight familiarity with economics, I have often found myself reading comics and thinking about the challenging of composing actuarial models for things like the risk of having your car smashed by the Hulk. (Seriously, I got into a shouting match with someone once over the advantages of a publicly financed model over private-hero insurance.)

The folks at Ecocomics have actually done that and literally have a post on Supernatural Disaster Insurance, and even a follow up post on the topic!

However, they have so so many other lovely posts at that beautiful intersection between graphic art and the dismal science, such as:

This blog is seriously required reading for all comic-book and econ-geeks.