A Synthesizer Housed in a Portable Wooden Suitcase

With his new EC1, Swedish artist and craftsman Love Hulten (previously) has again has transformed the otherwise wieldy shape of a standard full-sized synthesizer into a convenient portable form. The synthesizer is packaged into a wooden suitcase with a handle and once the case is opened, it only a few simple steps to get it working. The EC1 also sports a few extra accessories aside from the synthesizer.

EC1 is a hand crafted lunch box system built around a Roland JU-06A, a Cyclone TT-78, a Boss Dimension C and a T-Rex Replictor module. It’s designed to include a few very extra unique features as well, such as a built-in mini ashtray and a glowing crystal for those magic sessions.

ec1 Love Hulten Portable Synth
EC1 Portable
EC1 Case
EC1 Gem