An Amazon Echo That Can Understand and Respond to an Eastern Kentucky Accent

Eastern Kentucky Amazon Echo

We’ve previously written about the problems some people have had in making their automated personal assistants, such as Amazon Echo’s Alexa and Google Voice, understand them due to their thick Scottish burrs, so it should come as no surprise that these same intelligent assistants have difficulty understanding the strong regional accents that exist within the United States.

The Creek Church in Eastern Kentucky humorously proposed a simple solution: The “Echo EK – Eastern Kentucky Edition” during their annual “Nothing But Christmas” event. This special edition Echo responds to any name it’s given and happily responds in the local lexicon.

Are you sick and tired of being misunderstood by your “intelligent” personal assistant because of your Eastern Kentucky accent? Introducing the Amazon Echo EK – The Eastern Kentucky Edition. …your own intelligent personal assistant now you can talk to a big old tin can just like big-city folk. …put the unintelligent technology to work for you. Available in real tree and burlap or, to spruce up your fancy subdivision farmhouse, get the SPECIAL Shiplap Edition.

Eastern Kentucky Echo

Eastern Kentucky Echo Name Response

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