Dwight Schrute Opts Out of ‘The Matrix’ In a Previously Unseen Cold Open for the Ninth Season of ‘The Office’

In a previously unseen cold open for the ninth season of The Office, a newly promoted Dwight Schrute finds himself at the center of an elaborate prank for which Jim and Pam recreated parts of The Matrix, which includes a black cat and a mysterious twin. Dwight goes further and further down the rabbit hole, yet once he a choice is presented by Hank the security guard (the late Hugh Dane) who reveals himself to be Dorpheus, brother to Morpheus, Dwight ultimately chooses his own happiness.

Watch an exclusive, never-before-seen cold open from The Office’s ninth season to celebrate The Office US coming to Peacock! In loving memory of Hugh Dane, Hank the security guard.

Every episode of The Office is now available for streaming on Peacock.

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