Dustin’s Words, A Customizable Open Source Device That Helps Non-Verbal People Easily Communicate Their Needs

Dustin’s Words is a customizable open source device that allows people without the ability to speak to easily communicate their needs with “the touch of a button.” The device was created by Matt Reamer, an experience designer who wanted a simple way for his physically challenged autistic brother Dustin to convey his immediate needs to his family. Reamer’s team is currently raising funds through Indiegogo in order to get a device to 100 families in need which will then allow them to learn more about what their customers need.

Dustin’s Words was built for Dustin, but we believe it can help hundreds if not thousands of families. With your help, we’re going to evolve Dustin’s Words from a prototype for one person and turn it into a product and platform available to help many, while still making it feel built for one. Our goal is to create an affordable, customizable device and platform that families can use to meet their unique communication needs. …We want to offer an alternative—a communication tool that augments a family’s daily routine by providing an easy way to say the things that matter most….After the first 100 Dustin’s Words devices have been delivered, we will continue to iterate on the device to make it even better. While refining and adding new functionality, we will be talking with families who have the device and families who need the device, gathering feedback to put out the best product that we can, for free.


Dustins Words Construction

Dustins Words Orange Buttons

images via Dustin’s Words

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips