Drugs Are Like That, 1960s Film Mixes Kids, LEGOs & Illicit Drugs

Two young people create a giant LEGO structure and chat about illicit drugs in the odd 1960s anti-drug educational film, Drugs Are Like That. We learn that habits like twisting braids can be hard to break and that spinning around on a swing can make you feel ‘funny’, like drugs.

As if it wasn’t a strange mix already, singer and anti-gay spokesperson Anita Bryant narrates the film.

…this film that tries to simplify its drug abuse message with an analogy of kids putting together a contraption out of Lego blocks. Although the metaphors often don’t make sense, the visual impact of the film is stunning and could easily be quite popular with individuals consuming illicit drugs. Also, like most anti-drug films, this could be a tempting introduction to drugs for some youths yearning to escape their “boring” lives or to rebel against their parents.

via Brain Pickings

footage via A/V Geeks and Internet Archive

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff