Artist Sinks Hyperrealistic Girl Sculpture Into Bilbao River

Mexican artist Ruben Orozco Loza creates amazing hyperrealistic sculptures of human faces and heads of all sizes.

“The Drowning Girl”, a collaboration with fellow artist Clara Alcantara, features some of Loza’s most amazing work. The giant head named Bihar (tomorrow in Basque) was incredibly expressive, with big eyes, red lips, and brown hair, and was made to be sunk into the Bilbao River in Spain, symbolizing the ebb and fall of time. The project was made to be part of a social awareness campaign for Fundación BBK.

Bihar is sculpture designed to reflect the constant future of time depicted with rising and falling tides of Bilbao River. But above all, a sculpture with the expression of a whole generation to come. An expression of expectation for the decisions we will make and that will determine whether we live sunken or float

Loza also creates lifesize and smaller sculptures that look just as real.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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