Attempting to Drill Into Various Objects Using Drill Bit Made Out of Tightly Rolled Paper

Mr. Hacker, who previously made a paper disc for his angle grinder, used a similar tactic for his drill. He tightly rolled up a piece of paper, secured it with a bit of transparent tape, and attached it to his drill.

This paper bit took a bit more time than a metal bit but eventually made its way through a tennis ball, a candy case, a plastic soda bottle and its corresponding cap, a piece of ice, and other hard surfaces.

Today you’ll see how to invent drill paper to make your screw gun a universal tool and are eager to share how to do it in the video! And also you’ll see what can drill paper do and what can you drill with paper? Maybe ice or shell?

Paper Drilling Block of Ice

Sadly, the paper bit couldn’t tackle the surface of a shell, but it polished the exterior nicely.

Paper Drill Hard Shell

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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