Dope Zebra, Two-Man Zebra Suit Music Video With Chuck Testa Cameo

Comedy duo Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal of Rhett & Link have released their latest video, Dope Zebra. The music video features dancers in a two-man zebra suit dancing to the single by the same name (available on iTunes). Keep an eye out for a cameo by Chuck Testa, who they helped turn into a huge internet meme.

Lots of you have already asked, “Who’s in the front? Who’s in the back?” Sorry to disappoint you, but we quickly realized that we would serve this video better by directing instead of dancing. Thanks to Flitz Ricketts and Steve Smith for lending their dance moves, and professional stunt people (and married couple!) Rick and Stacey Marcus for doing some of the more outlandish stunts. Thanks so much to our good friend Chuck Testa for driving down to make his amazing cameo. You may have already figured it out, but you can click on a number hidden annotations (including Chuck during his cameo) for some more videos that might make you scratch your head. Lastly, thanks to the guys at SmallHD for hooking us up with the zebra suit.

via Rhett & Link