Dog Walker Teaches His Dogs to Behave As a United Pack While Walking Up to 20 Dogs at a Time

Tim Pink of the Pink Pup Social Club explained how he is able to walk up to 20 dogs of all breeds and sizes at one time by teaching them to behave as a pack. This means that they look out for each other, they remain calm in the face of distractions, and they feel supported by the other dogs and humans who are caring for them.

The dogs definitely love having the pack. You see the trust, you see the respect that they give each other. You see them licking each other and rubbing up on each other. They’re like one big family. It’s really cool to see the dogs improve as they work through the pack program, seeing the confidence build up day by day. It’s a process to have somebody guide them and show them like it’s okay, I got you here, you’re safe.

Pink has also taught them to stay still in place for photos.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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