Stray Mama Dog Finally Sleeps When She Knows Her Puppies Are Safe

A pregnant stray dog was roaming the streets of Nashville, Tennesse when the generous people at Nashville Dog & Cat Rescue decided to take action to trap her humanely so that she could have her puppies safely, but when she finally was lured, she wasn’t pregnant anymore.

The mama dog remained very private about where her pups were, in fact, they had to put a tracking collar on her to see where she hid the litter. The collar worked and rescuers went out to retrieve the pups. They were fat and healthy. Mama let her newfound human friends take care of her babies while she got some much-needed sleep.

Mama and her babies are under this shed/house and then when we get them out there was [sic] eight chunky healthy puppies. They have the spots on their eyes like Mama. Mama immediately trusted us with the puppies. I really feel like she knew that we had like saved them like she was finally able to just relax and know that she was safe.

Mama Dog Sleeps When Puppies are Safe

After the puppies were weaned, rescuer Megan Dantzler took her home to foster. It wasn’t long before Mama found a loving new home.

When our friend Ashley saw the videos of mama dog she just fell in love with her. With Ashley, Mama has a brother dog and then she has her dad. She has a fenced-in yard. She gets all the toys, all the bones, she really just has the best life with them. I couldn’t picture a better fit