Spunky Dog Gracefully Jumps on Back of Miniature Horse to Go For a Ride and Do Trick Jumps

A spunky little nine year old Jack Russel terrier named Dally gracefully jumped upon the back of a very friendly miniature horse named Spanky at the simple request from horse trainer Francesca Carson, their beloved human.

Once Dally was comfortably seated, Spanky trotted around the pen showcasing some jumping tricks, during which Dally held onto Spanky as a human jockey would during a race. It was a literal “dog and pony show”.

Dally a nine year old Jack Russel and Spanky a ten year old miniature horse. Francesca Carson, who works with the successful double, captured the video of Dally riding Spanky around the 100-acre ranch, in Spokane, Washington.

This adorable duo has been working together for a long time and have become the best of friends.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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