Considerate Dog Opens Door to Let Cat In and Out of the House

A considerate service dog named Danja who helps her human Cindy Andel with daily tasks, very kindly opened the door for her feline sibling King who was patiently waiting outside. Danja took hold of the cord attached to the handle and pulled down so that the door would unlatch. Once it did, Danja made way for King to come inside and then shut the door behind him.

(translated) Danja bringing the cat inside. You can see that she doesn’t lower the latch properly at first. She knows if the door doesn’t open she has to pull again. Nice.

Danja also lets the cat outside, although their canine brother Pip will sometimes beat the cat to it.

Danja and King Are Now Good Friends

King thought Danja was scary the first week. And now you have to see them together

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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