Playful Dog Repeatedly Drops Toys Into Human’s Bath

A very playful golden retriever named Finn repeatedly drops his toys, particularly balls, into his human Lucy’s tub as she’s taking a bath, much to her dismay. Lucy stated that she knows Finn is having fun, but the constant interruptions challenge her bath time peace.

Finn loves to drop his toys into the bathtub. As soon as Finn hears the water running he is always the first one in the bathroom…there’s no stopping him whatever he can find. Socks, stuffed toys, tennis balls. He just loved bringing gifts. He finds great joy in this hobby of his. Although I find it very endearing, he is disrupting my alone time.

Lucy sought to put an end to Finn’s interruptions by purchasing Finn a tub of his own to use instead of hers. The idea was very successful

Then I thought if he won’t stay away from my bathtub why not get him his own …as soon as I started setting it up outside I could see him going crazy… he just loved every second of it. No surprise, Finn started bringing toys into his tub and he even got in with them he just seemed so happy to finally have his own tub of water to play in. after Finn discovered that he had his own tub he started to leave me some alone time during my own bath times which was really nice.