A Tenacious Dog Born Without Back Legs Who Was Left For Dead Learns How to Run on Her Front Paws

Dog Without Back Legs Learns to Run

A wonderfully tenacious little dog named Putol who was born without back legs showed off her brand new skill – running on her front paws. Because of her birth defect, Putol was left for dead by a careless human. Luckily, a compassionate young man by the name of Danilo Codilego Jr.took notices of this little dog and did everything he could to help this sweet but troubled dog adjust to normal life.

No one wanted Putol because they didn’t think she didn’t think she would live long. I was the only one who had the courage to take care of her.

When Codilego first met Putol, she was barely able to balance herself in place. Five years later, Putol has mastered running, walking and standing still long enough to eat.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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