Doctor Who’s Lost Episode ‘The Tenth Planet’ Revived in Animated Clip

The last episode of “The Tenth Planet” from classic Doctor Who is the end of the first Doctor’s story, and has been lost since the 1970s with the exception of a small clip of the Doctor’s regeneration scene as he transitions from William Hartnell to Patrick Troughton. Last month, Doctor Who TV announced that Planet 55 Studios would be animating the lost episode for a DVD release later this year. The BBC has released a short clip of the animation featuring the first Doctor’s regeneration, which you can compare with the original remaining scene.

With the threat of the Cybermen foiled, Polly and Ben find the Doctor has beaten them to the TARDIS and closed the doors. As they hammer on the door, the controls operate of their own accord and the central column begins to rise and fall….

via Doctor Who TV, io9