Do It Yourself Doodler, Suggestive Pin-Up Girl Gets Fleshed Out in Many Ways by David Jablow

Do It Yourself Doodler

do it yourself Doodler is an ongoing project and book by artist David Jablow of fleshed out drawings of a suggestive and unfinished pin-up girl from a found vintage 1960s ‘do it yourself Doodler’ notepad. His finished pieces are not only detailed but quite fun and run the gamut from a score-keeping mermaid to a burglaring dame to a cute accordion-playing unicycle rider and more. His book is available to purchase at his Etsy shop.

DIYD#33(Talent Show)

DIYD#36(Kung Fu)



Do it yourself Doodler

Do it yourself Doodler

do it yourself Doodler