Musician Makes Her Harp Sound Like an Electric Guitar With the Heaviest Distortion Pedal She Could Find

Musician Emily Hopkins found the heaviest distortion pedal she could find, a Nepenthes by Electrofoods, and tested it out on two of her harps. The pedal made the traditional instrument sound like an electric guitar playing in a heavy metal band.

Prepare yourselves, djentlemen. Nepenthes by Electrofoods is the heaviest distortion pedal I could find, and today we’re trying it out on not one, but two harps. The Electrofoods Nepenthes makes the harp sound like a BEAST~

The Heaviest Pedal for Harp

Hopkins had previously tried out 50 other effects pedals for her harp.

Let’s explore how 50 different effects pedals react to the same phrase played on harp! I hope you enjoy these effects pedals on electric harp. These are some of my favorite effects pedals for harp.

Here’s Hopkins using the distortion pedal with the harp but only on the low strings.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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