Disney Princesses Illustrated as ‘Star Wars’ Characters

Ariel Jar Jar Binks
Ariel as Jar Jar Binks

Brooklyn-based Will Varner, an art director and in-house illustrator at BuzzFeed, has created an awesome series of Disney Pricesses that he reimagined and illustrated as popular characters from the Star Wars universe. Varner’s entire collection of Star Wars princesses are available to view on BuzzFeed and his Tumblr blog.

Belle Chewbacca
Belle as Chewbacca

Aurora Jabba the Hutt
Aurora as Jabba the Hutt

Snow White Stormtrooper
Snow White as a Stormtrooper

Cinderella C-3PO
Cinderella as C-3PO

Jasmine Boba Fett
Jasmine as Boba Fett

images via Will Varner Blog

via BuzzFeed

Justin Page
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