Disabled Cat Engulfs Her Human With Grateful Affection

After washing and dressing a severely disabled cat who was born without legs, rescuer Eugenia Comiza of Ladybug Kitty Nursery in Romania sat down in a rocking chair to do a bit of snuggling. As the two rocked together, the cat reached up to Comiza’s face with a paw and began to lick her face and rub against her, all to show grateful affection for such good care.

Eugenia was giving care to a cat that had no back legs, for unknown reasons, changing its diaper and putting an item of clothing to avoid rubbing and irritation. Once Eugenia had finished, the cat showed their appreciation by grabbing Eugenia’s face and began licking her.

Comiza takes care of several disabled cats, many of whom show her the same level of affection.