A Bipedal Robot That Makes Front Door Deliveries After Being Transported to the Curb by a Self-Driving Vehicle

In February 2019, Agility Robotics announced the development of Digit, an anthropomorphic version of their bipedal robot Cassie. Digit sports an upper torso, arms, and an increased number of sensors. These additions give Digit a greater sense of balance, stair-climbing capability an ability to pick up large items and even deliver packages. Digit’s out-of-box readiness makes the robot appealing to those new to robotics.

…Digit is strong enough to pick up and stack boxes weighing up to 40 lb (18 kg), as well as durable enough to catch itself during a fall using its arms to decelerate. In addition to the physical changes, the control system for Digit has been overhauled to enable advanced behaviors such as stair climbing and footstep planning, all controlled through a robust API that can be accessed both onboard the robot and via a wireless link. …out-of-the-box, Digit will be up and walking within five minutes, even for users who are not legged-locomotion control researchers.

More recently, Agility has partnered with Ford Transit to showcase Digit’s curb to doorstep package delivery talents as made from a self-driving autonomous vehicle.

Agility Robotics has partnered with Ford to develop a delivery solution that matches the right robot to the right job. Digit hitches a lift with a Ford Transit, then completes the delivery to the doorstep.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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