Diesel Sweeties eBook-Stravaganza 3000

Diesel Sweeties pixelated webcomic creator Richard Stevens has launched Diesel Sweeties eBook-Stravaganza 3000, a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to produce an eBook of his first 3,000 comics. The campaign has been quite successful and Stevens has been adding bonus items for contributors, like the custom Red Robot thumb drive. For a $666 donation, Stevens (a vegetarian) will eat a pound of bacon and for a $10,000 donation, he will give up coffee for one month.

The Baco-Vegetarian: You get the full signed thumb drive package, plus I’ll give up my almost unbroken 2-year stretch of vegetarianism to cook and EAT A POUND OF BACON. I will also make a video, cursing you for how sick this will make me. Bonus: I will hate myself. Double bonus: My ghost will haunt you.